Energy Efficiency

By combining powerful hardware with intuitive cloud based software we harness the power of Big Data, IoT and AI to provide the most comprehensive energy management solution available to businesses across various sectors including Industry, Mining, QSR, Super & Convenience Stores, Commercial etc. We guarantee energy savings that directly impact your bottom line whilst in the process helping you to meet your business’ climate targets.

In a world where energy challenges are growing ranging from the generation type’s impact on climate change, energy security and spiralling costs, Lummii Energy brings the BEST energy to your business which is ENERGY EFFICIENCY; it’s easier to access than wind and solar, cleaner than geothermal and yet is the cheapest to access. Statistics say that 43% of the energy produced today is wasted and if we could save this 43% we could turnoff all coal power plants in the world.

At Lummii our mission is to bring Energy Efficiency to your business with ZERO Capital outlay from you.

The best energy is efficiency.

Monitor Your Energy Usage


Reduce Energy Waste (Industrial)

Industrial Efficiency

Reduce Energy Waste


Reduce Energy Waste


Reduce Energy Waste

Commercial Efficiency

Meet Your Reduction Targets

Energy, Cost, Carbon Footprints

Effectively Maintain Your Buildings

Predictive Maintenance

The SMARRT Approach

ISO 50001 Energy Management

This defines our unique approach to energy management which we use across the globe. It is the ethos that standardises all our operations with a single quality of service and guarantees our clients the best possible energy management standards.

SMARRT was put together with the global standard for energy management ISO 50001 in mind. ISO 50001 is the benchmark and process all companies should adhere to when managing their energy consumption. We’ve codified its principles into an easy to understand acronym and we take its global implementation seriously.



Fast on-site analysis using our proprietary mobile app.



Accurate energy usage (and wastage) tracking with Eniscope.



Real-time trend analysis in the cloud, via our software platform.



Saving opportunity analysis alongside retrofit technologies.



Comprehensive reporting and granular analysis to inform decision making.



Verifying success and target setting. The keys to sustained performance.

Get to know Eniscope

The cutting-edge device that allows it all to happen, Eniscope is a ‘best-in-class’ energy management system. Actually, it’s more than that, it is a gateway to data visibility and a huge step towards site energy optimisation.

Using Big Data drawn from device and circuit level inputs, existing meters and IoT sensors, Eniscope provides a granular breakdown of exactly how, when and where you are using (and wasting) energy.

That applies to a single site, or a full portfolio; with all that information ported to an intuitive software platform. And with standalone sensors available including temperature, occupancy, gas, water and much more – your data is always placed in context.

Eniscope is easy and quick to install, versatile, pinpoint accurate and – for many asset managers around the world, indispensable.

Second by second energy consumption data

Clearly verify capital project energy savings

Identify energy leaks and energy saving opportunities

Easily integrate with your CAFM or BMS via our API

Cutting-edge, easy-to-install on-site hardware

Infinately scalable solution. One dashboard, multiple sites.

Expose energy-abusing resources and equipment.


The best and complete energy management solution