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We are a next generation climate conscious energy business committed to revolutionising the energy landscape by aggressively scaling solar generation and adopting energy efficiency. Our vision is to be a catalyst for a sustainable and uninterrupted energy future, providing reliable and fully funded solar generation and energy efficiency solutions. Under our solar division we specialise in rooftop solar solutions which are then packaged in a unique innovative way to create bankable & scaleable solutions per country.
Under our energy efficiency division we combine powerful hardware with intuitive cloud based software and harness the power of big data, IOT and AI to provide the most comprehensive energy management solution available to businesses.
By combining powerful hardware with intuitive cloud based software we harness the power of Big Data, IoT and AI to provide the most comprehensive energy management solution available to businesses across various sectors including Industry, Mining, QSR, Super & Convenience Stores, Commercial etc. We guarantee energy savings that directly impact your bottom line whilst in the process helping you to meet your business’ climate targets.

At Lummii our mission is to bring fully funded innovative off the book every solution addresses.

Treble Renewables and Double Efficiency, COP28 Objective.

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Powering Africa with the Sun, Where every ray of sunshine brings us closer to energy independence and environmental stewardship.

Lummii Solar DivisionPowering Africa with the Sun.

Introducing Lummii's Solar Division, dedicated to unlocking Africa's vast solar potential through cutting-edge rooftop solar solutions. Our mission is driven by the stark energy divide, with 600 million Africans lacking electricity despite abundant solar resources. Prioritizing renewable generation to address frequent load shedding, we innovate in solar financing to tailor solutions for Africa's unique market needs.

With a focus on sustainable energy access, Lummii Solar is committed to bridging the energy gap, ensuring our approach aligns with our ethos of delivering energy efficiency and impactful, bankable solar models across the continent.

While we have interests in Eastern Europe, our heart is in Africa. Our mission is to bridge the vast energy divide with clean, renewable power, harnessing the abundant sun irradiance across the continent, their greatest natural resource.


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